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Mumbai history would have been different had the Portuguese not given the tiny island of Bom Bahia in dowry to their royal princes Catherine of Banzai. When she married Charles 2nd of England. They leased the islands for a pittance as an excellent natural harbour in the Arabian Sea.

The city present name comes from Goddess Mumbai worshiped by the Koli Fisherman. Who where the islands original inhabitants trade has fed Mumbai’s progress from a seven island swamp to a single islands city of 21 million today.

The city glistens with growing wealth and at the same time is matted with stagnant poverty. The gleaming sky scraps have an air of Manhattan Osaka about them. Its streets are crowded by the little Martinis acquired by the newly emerging middle class in India have been swarming into Mumbai everybody to try luck.

The south of Mumbai is home to the rich & famous. Here is the most expensive housing in the whole India. The city never sleeps. The most exciting thing about this city is the pace at which it moves and this what visitors love the most about Mumbai. Mumbai abounds in shops and stores that sell anything and everything like cloths, books & handicrafts to antiques pieces.

The pleasant natured people of Mumbai are dedicated to their work and strive from down to dusk to earn their daily bread and make a new name for themselves. We are unique ways of the tours which is a platter full of your choice from the buffet-eaten in your own preferred manner.

Visit the city with an open heart and it will take you in – forever and for always!

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