Elephanta Island | ELEPHANTA CAVES


The Elephants caves are a great tourist attraction in the vicinity of the large Mumbai metropolis. This unique world heritage sight on an island is about 10 km away from Gateway of India.

The Elephants Island was named by the Portuguese after the statue of an Elephanta near the landing area of the Island. This caves house rock cut temples dating back to the 5th century CE.

The Maheshamurti panel in which Shiva is shown as a creator protector and destroyer is a sight that should be enjoyed at least once in a life time. The cave can be reached by ferry boat form the gateway of India. The caves will be closed on Monday.

Elephanta Island | ELEPHANTA CAVES

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2 Kanheri Caves


The word Kanheri originates from Sanskrit word Krishnagir which meanse black mountain. These well known monumental caves are a cluster of rock cut monuments. It’s located deep in the lush green pristine forests of the S.G.N Park these caves are dates from 1st century B.C. to 9th century A.D.

Most of Buddhist Viharas which was meant for their residence, study and practiced meditation. There were 109 caves in Kanheri that are cut and carved in basalt. All the caves contain cells or viharas used mainly as dwelling for the monks and large halls or chaityas used for worship.

Kanheri is an important and spectacular site in its own right. So you can still visit Kanheri caves and feel good once you visit here. Kanheri has some of the tallest images of Buddha in India. These caves are very different when compared to Elephanta caves.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park


It’s hard to believe that within 90 minutes of the teeming metropolis you can be surrounded by the jungle of this 104-sq-km protected area (28866449; adult/child Rs 10/5; 7.30am-7pm Tue-Sun). Here, bright flora, birds, butterflies and elusive wild leopards replace traffic and crowds, all surrounded by forested hills on the city’s northern edge. Urban development and shantytowns are starting to muscle in on the edges of this wild region, but for now much of it remains a refuge of green and calm.

Trimurti Temple


The main attraction of this Digambar Jain Temple is a set of 3 giant marble statues of Lord Adinath and his two sons: Bharat, Bahubali. This compound is known as Podanpur (the place where Lord Bhahubali did penance and attained Nirvana). It has a hall used for Sermons as well as for wedding functions.

Lion Tiger Safari


One of the main attractions in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park is the lion & tiger safari, departing from the tiger orientation centre (about 1km in from the main entrance).

Mini Train


The mini train, which is a favorite with young visitors. The fun train ride of about 15 minutes takes you along the foothills of the Gandhi Memorial, traverse a couple of bridges and tunnels and passes over the Deer park.

Kanheri Caves

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