The whole tour was just amazing. we booked a half day tour and our guide was very on time. Our driver and guide Mr. Jay is a funny, smart, honest, polite and cool guy. He can give you plenty of information about the sightseeing points and many cultural and religious aspects. The tour can be so individual what shows how spontaneous Mr. Jay can be. He will make your day perfect and you will keep Mumbai in your mind.

Thank you Karan for this great tour and hope to see you soon…

Dan L – Germany – Visited August 2015


A Leap of Faith

After lots of research online and a special recommendation I took a leap of faith and booked with Mumbai Live. My itinerary started in Mumbai with three nights before flying to Delhi. I met Jay at the airport, tired after a long flight but meeting Jay my driver/ tour guide/ my friend was a blessing. Jay is a very smart, kind and sensitive person. We are hooked and became friend. This is my first time visiting Indian and travel solo. My goal is safety, have someone to guide and be my companion. Jay is just a perfect one that match my needs. The next few days he took me every Conner of the city, showed me how Mumbai live, we talked about culture, histories, life and some time share personal thinking. He also provided good advice on where we could eat near the hotel or to drive further if we wished it. In a very few days I were able to see and feel the life of Mumbai with Jay and Mumbai Live. They were flexible, knowledgeable, and friendly. They listened to me and protect me through out the tour. Well worth the fees! They go above and beyond. Jay if you are reading this please accept my appreciation and thank you for the life time experience. I believe in “Good Karma” Jay and Mumbai Live is a “Good Karma” in Mumbai. Mumbai Live really did make my first trip to India magical!
Hayward, California – Visited March 2015

We were struggling to find a tour operator that we liked the look / sound of in Mumbai especially as we wanted to book all our tours with one firm. A bit risky as if we didn’t get on with the tour guides or like the tour content we could have been in trouble.

We contacted Mumbai Live! months before we were due to fly to get the tours just as we wanted. The superb service started at that point.

The owner, Jay , were wonderful in terms of replies and information provided.

After much deliberation we decided to book all our tours with Mumbai Live, which turned out to be one of the best decisions we have made in all our holidays.

We booked:
A half day bazaar tour
A full day tour of Mumbai
Tour of Elephanta Island
A Dharavi Slum tour.

As soon as we landed we had a lovely email off Mumbai Live welcoming us to India and reconfirming all our details.

About 15 minutes before the start time of the 1st tour, our guide, Ganesh, and driver, Jay , arrived. This proved to be a constant every day whereby Mumbai Live! would ensure driver & guide arrived well before time to ensure a prompt departure, as the traffic is Mumbai is very heavy they wanted to ensure there were no delays at the start of the tour.

On each tour as soon as we were seated in the car we were handed bottles of water and advised to use the seat belts.

Throughout each tour it became clear there was excellent team work going on and both Ganesh and Karan were bouncing off each other with their humour, which in Mumbai traffic was much appreciated and all the while both were imparting facts, figures and snippets of information!

On the bazaar tour Ganesh was a mine of information and kept us topped up with facts and snippets as we walked around. We saw so much in the half day tour that we were shocked at how much ground we had covered when I checked it against a map later…but it was at a pace that suited us.

The full day tour was amazing in terms of it really was a full day with so much packed in and the quality of information we were given by Ganesh & Jay, again the amount we saw on the tour was superb! You can fully trust the web site description of what is included in the tour. An amazing day out where we were fed a constant stream of brilliant information and facts about each area / site we were at as well as much welcomed points of cultural etiquette.

The island tour saw Jay drop us off at the ferry in time for the 09:00 departure and he saw us safely on board. Mumbai Live use a local guide from the island for their tours and Avinash was superb!. A text back to Jay as we departed the island and he was ready and waiting for us at the Gateway to take us back to the hotel. A superb tour.

With this tour we had asked for a 10:00hrs start but the evening before Kitty rang with a suggestion that we change it to 08:30 as the humidity & heat was due to rise the next day. I was a little disappointed but this forethought to how customers may feel paid dividends as by midday, 2 hrs into our tour the heat and humidity shot up and we left the island to head back at just the right time. If Mumbai Live! hadn’t thought of this we would have struggled badly with heat & humidity on the tour and not enjoyed it as much; so I went from a little disappointed to being exceptionally grateful.

Kitty, Ganesh & Jay were constantly assessing things as all the tours progressed to ensure we had a great time. Lots of attention to detail.

The highlight for us though was the Slum Tour – Ganesh and the slum combined to totally blow all our preconceived ideas about what the slum was like out of the water! He explained everything so well and never once tired of answering our questions. This wasn’t just the tour of the trip it was the best tour we have ever had. Ganesh knew the slums very well and was keen to ensure any preconceived ideas we had were addressed and that we walked away having seen everything we possibly could and more importantly with explanations for everything we came across.

At the end of our trip in Mumbai we were met by Kitty, co owner of Mumbai Live!, who was very keen to gain our feedback not so as he could use it for promo but because he was genuinely concerned that we had had good tours, had had good guides and had enjoyed ourselves. The boss coming to meet the client like this was very much appreciated and totally unexpected.

We can offer nothing but very high praise for Mumbai Live and in turn Ganesh & Jay, all worked very hard to ensure each tour was wonderful and that we could do it at the pace we wanted. Not once did we feel under pressure to hurry up.

We were initially worried about putting all our eggs in one basket so to speak, this turned out to be a totally unnecessary worry as we had stunning levels of service.

I’ve been on many tours and I can honestly say these were the best ones in a long time and in the case of the slum, the best tour I have ever had the pleasure of being on.

We still have much to see in Mumbai and when we return we will definitely be using Mumbai Live!

We cannot recommend Mumbai Live highly enough – they really added memories to our trip.

Marc Ollossm – United Kingdom  – Visited April 2015


I had just one day in Mumbai so I wanted to cram in as much as possible. I contacted a number of tour companies (as listed on Trip Advisor) setting out what I wanted and asking for their suggestions and a quotation. It’s worth doing this as the responses varied a lot, eg. some just quoted their standard tour, ignoring my request to see particular places. Mumbai Live came back with suggestions that reflected my preferences. They also promised to look after me as if I were a family member, quite reassuring to an older lady travelling alone.

As I only had one day I asked for 6.30 am start and for the day to run through to 5.30 pm. Harish, my guide, and Prakesh, the driver, turned up in good time and by 6.45 am we were at Sasoon Dock for the fish market. After that we visited numerous places including the extraordinary Victoria Terminus, the dabbawallas, the dhobi ghats,a Jain temple, the university and the Oval maidan, Khadi shop (don’t miss this shop, it’s brilliant), Mani Bavan/ the Ghandi museum, all explained well by Harish. Then we visited markets: Crawford, fabric and spice where Harish turned out to be a good shopping companion, helping me to choose fabric, spices, soaps and incense.It’s such a busy crowded city but I felt safe – even when crossing the road which is really quite terrifying! Harish and Prakesh even found a shoe mender who could stitch my bag that has split along a seam. They were flexible and tried to fit as much as possible into the day. I recommend this company: it’s personal, caring and reasonably priced. They listen to your requirements, tailor accordingly and look after you very well.

Annie Woodhouse – United Kingdom – Visited April 2015
I was in Mumbai for only a short time amd wanted to see as much as possible. My hotel recommended Mumbai Live. Eveything went smoothly and my guide Was very polite and helpful. A good day.
Carol – Canda –  Visited April 2015

I recently did a full day tour of Mumbai with Mr. Jay from Mumbai Live. He was a great guide and driver during my visit. He is also very friendly and will get to know you well during your visit.

The company is flexible and will work with me to meet any specific requests or needs you have.

If you chose to do a full day tour, I recommend researching any specific places you want to see. Many of the default tour sites are very close to each other and do not take much time. Therefore, if you have additional sites, they will add it to the itinerary.

Lorenzo – Visited May 2015

” It was great meeting Mumbai Live in Mumbai and I really enjoyed the tours. If you have some time in Mumbai I would highly recommend to take a tour with Mumbai Live They can bring you to countless interesting places and provides you with the history and features of the sites, all in very well spoken English. You really get the opportunity to see a side of Mumbai that you wouldn’t see without guide. For example, the tour including the national park is very beautiful and contrasts to the busy streets of Mumbai. They can also bargain best prices. And…, last but not least, the car is most comfortable ever!”
Irene Netherlands.

” My first trip to India with my two kids, we enjoyed my 3 days stay in Mumbai. We noticed that city is too big and crowded, Mumbai Live Tours and travelers recommended us to try City Tours, they said a lot of good things about their service. Mumbai Live has provided us a very good car; Both the driver and guider were nice gentlemen, they were very polite and professional and they were able to understand our accent. They provided the excellent service, We covered major attractions such us, Juhu Beach, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Gateway of India, VT station, Gandhi Museum. We used City Tour all 3 days as we enjoyed their quality service, they were very punctual and so affordable. Thanks to City Tours for making our trip memorable and I highly recommend to Mumbai Live”.
Landry Germany.

” This was my first trip to Mumbai and it was wonderful. The Mumbai Live Tours and Travelers recommended City Tours and the service was brilliant. Covered all the major attractions.. Gateway of India, Dhobhi Ghat, Borivali National Park and then they took us to the best places. Very cool and extremely professional guys. I will recommend them to all visiting Mumbai 🙂
Steevan Harmison from England.

Travelling alone to Mumbai and i was looking for a lift from the airport to my hotel located in south… My driver was waiting for me with a card indicating my name, very punctual and email communication was prompt and efficient. Very very very pleased with the service received and will be sure to use again if my travels bring me back to Mumbai.
I felt safe for the complete journey. Thanks for your great service!

During my businesstrip to Mumbai i rented a car for four days with Mumbai Live Tours. Excellent is the word describing their service, punctuallity and knowledge about the city. The driver even called my connections when needed before some of the meetings. This is an obvious 1 choice if you need transportation in Mumbai, then both for pleassure and business trips. Aage, Bergen/Norway.

Mumbai Live are wonderful people. You get treated like famliy. They take you around not only Mumbai`s famous landmarks, but some great hidden gems as well.
PROS: Great quality vehicle + VERY affordable price + no unsolicited stops at shops and/or restaurants.

My parents visited Mumbai this September and received excellent service by “Mumbai Live, Mumbai” (thats what their visiting card says) .. I will definitely recommend them to all my friends and family who visit Mumbai.

I highly recommend Mumbai Live, they are both very knowledgeable,professional and really nice guys. The tour was reasonably priced and done in a very comfortable vehicle.

During the short Indian holiday, I had a chance to spend a few days on Marine Drive. There were many options that I had to utilize my time but chose to call Mumbai Live about what they had to offer. Within a short time period, I had a guide picking me up at the hotel and spending a good amount of time discussing and seeing Mumbai in general. We went to all the standard places plus more! The driver AND the guide – a 2 for 1 as you will have it – was excellent. He was knowledgeable, courteous and very professional. I am sure that there are many more sites to see and I will definitely recommend Mumbai Live to anyone visiting Mumbai. It is affordable and of high quality.

My husband and I were visiting Mumbai in March 2014 without preparing what to see.
Mumbai Live fixed that for us, he gave us a very nice guided tour with his comfortable car. And he was very skilled and seemed to have a lot of knowledge about his own city. We can definitely reccommend this daytour-concept with Mumbai Liveas a guide!

We did the Mumbai Live Day Tour which was a few hours and took us around in an A/C van. The driver spoke good English and knew so much about each of the places that we visited. We learned a lot and were able to see so much in such a short amount of time. It was a very enjoyable experience and I would recommend it highly!

My wife and I had a great day touring the sights of South Mumbai with Mumbai Live Day Tours. He was very knowledgeable about the city, its sights and its history. He was also great company. We saw far more sights than we could have on our own and traveled in comfort too. I highly recommend Mumbai Live Day Tours for anyone looking to spend a day seeing the sights of Mumbai.

I went to Mumbai from Hyderabad with my mom and dad to sea a real Mumbai. I was booked a tour organizer the name of Mumbai Live Day Tour (N.K.T) before two week. I found Mumbai Live Day Tours through Trip Adviser. The tour was started from Gate way of India continuing with some other interesting places. Also they took us some hidden place where we can sea real Mumbai and real life of Mumbai people. Mumbai Live clearly explained about Mumbai, Slums and Monuments. They have well knowledge about Culture, cast, God’s and Religion. We heard some God’s story from them it was really good experience for us. It was full day 8 hours tour and we really enjoy the day thanks for trip adviser. I highly recommended to all visitors if you want to really enjoy your time in Mumbai choose Mumbai Live Day Tour. I would like to call Mumbai Live Day Tour is Culture of India Book